Can you transform your results by revisiting PEE?

Here’s just a little fragment of one student’s work for you to digest while you read: “How does Steinbeck show what life was like for men in the society in which the novel is set?”

While you’re thinking about that…

Can you transform your results by revisiting PEE?

Oh the stress: coming back to school with handfuls of pupils in limbo after the exam results fiasco. The challenge for us all is ensuring that those students retake in November with the fullest preparation possible, without neglecting their new sixth form classes.

“Does their controlled assessment need revisiting?”

“Do they need extra preparation with a Unit 1 focus? “

“Can they have extra sessions or shall I give them revision packs to work on independently?”

How can I offer this to Year 12 students at the same time as maintaining a focus on Year 11 January entry?”

We feel your pain. On top of that you’re doing everything you possibly can and students are still struggling to express themselves in all units of the exam. We are already offering a range of practical solutions to schools to relieve the many pressures on English departments that are planning for early entry this year. But consider a radical approach to that fundamental problem of clear expression: Can you transform your results by revisiting PEE?

PEE with Analysis

Not unfamiliar I’ll bet! Well let us propose a solution.


It’s what one of our former students dubbed the “EPEE”: a valuable weapon in your armoury against…waffle.

We teach the EPEE framework in most of our workshops as a liberating way of expressing ideas for any student from your C/Ds to your A*s, for use in all units of the English Language & Literature specification, and across the curriculum. It’s not the answer to all of this term’s difficult questions, but when PEE just isn’t performing…we’re here to offer you something new.

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