We are very much enjoying the challenges and opportunities offered by the new GCSE and A Level specifications.  As always, we tailor our services exactly to the requirements of our clients, but we list below some of the sessions and services that we think you might find very beneficial for your students’ attainment.

  • Introductory Sessions:  Get your students and teachers off to a flying start with introductory sessions and inset
  • Literacy:  We work across the curriculum, tailoring workshops to target your literacy problems in any subject, as well as leading inset on the teaching of literacy across the curriculum.
  • Examination Preparation Sessions:  We target students at a critical or borderline juncture and give them the skills and knowledge required to succeed in the exams. Our examination preparation sessions are intensive workshops that help the students you choose, improve in the areas they need.
  • Exam Analysis (don’t miss the example materials on our exam analysis page):  An intensive analysis of your mock exams, to lead you through from raw scripts to tailored onward planning.  In addition we can offer workshops & resources to help address problem areas.


All of our consultants are CRB checked. Our student workshops are run by pairs of teachers for groups of up to 23 students. We do not need a member of staff to sit in with the group, which makes life easier for you. We provide all materials, including texts.

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