Examination Preparation Sessions

If you can think of a group of 15 to 23 (GCSE, IGCSE or A Level) students who struggle with a particular area of a particular paper, then you would love our examination preparation sessions. As usual these are tailored to your needs and are intensive workshops that help the students you choose, improve in the areas they need.

A Level (AQA) – Examples of the workshops we might design for you are:

  • Comparing texts
  • Dealing with Unseen Poetry
  • Shakespeare in Exams

For the new GCSE AQA specifications, we are already running workshops which address the following:

  • Exploring both language and structure in a text for Paper 1
  • Writers’ viewpoints and perspectives: tackling the extended question for Paper 2
  • Shakespeare in the exam
  • 19th Century Prose
  • The Poetry Clusters

See specific examples of REVISION SESSIONS here

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